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About the New Media Circus

With a mission to create top-quality products, the New Media Circus are professional circus performers-cum-digital artists, plus a host of associates who are experts in their field.

Based in east London, England, MediaCircus create DVDs for jugglers and other circus performers. We are always interested in new things to video: let us know if you do something that we might be interested in.

Who are the New Media Circus?

Sean Gandini

Sean Gandini is widely considered one of the world’s most adventurous jugglers. He has spent the last 25 years researching and contributing to all aspects of juggling. A prolific creator of juggling material, his work ranges from the virtuoso group juggling choreography to films and articles covering the nuances of this often-neglected art form. Fuelled by a belief that juggling is an exciting living art form, he teaches, writes and choreographs juggling all over the globe. For the last decade with his partner Kati Yla-Hokkala they have run Gandini Juggling, a constantly changing group of virtuoso jugglers, considered by circus connoisseurs to be the creme de la creme of dextrous creativity.

MediaCircus produces high-quality juggling DVDs exploring all aspects of the manipulative arts, from Siteswaps to Clubswinging. Now in our 10th year, with tens of thousands of DVDs sold to jugglers worldwide, we are famed as the creators of the Siteswap DVD boxed set, perhaps the most famous and most highly regarded juggling DVD of all time.

All of our DVDs are available for sale from our website here, and we ship worldwide. Please browse our DVDs from the list on your left. You will see descriptions, reviews, screenshots and video excerpts from our products.

Latest News:

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